CHW Comics are culturally relevant educational resources for people of all ages and cover vaccination and mental health topics related to COVID-19.  This toolkit is available for CHWs/Promotores to use in their own communities and are available for download in English and Spanish. Contact El Sol CHW/P Training Center if you or your organization is interested in helping your community and join the fight against COVID-19.

COVID-19 Comic Strips

Vaccines vs COVID-19
Safer at work with the Vaccine
Vaccines before Vacations
Safer with the Vaccine
Financial Stress during COVID-19
Panic Attack during COVID-19
Support during COVID-19
Apoyo durante COVID-19

COVID-19 CHW Comic Booklets

El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center is proud to present our NEW COVID-19 CHW Comics, a creative take using popular education to tackle vaccine hesitancy in vulnerable communities.

The Battle of the Millenium

A Play and Comic Book Story:

This community-led production features a hero named Captain Empath who with the help of CHWs/promotores, fights against the COVID-19 virus by educating and motivating community members to protect themselves by getting vaccinated.  Click below to download.

Activity Book

Captain Empath needs your help!  This activity book features COVID-19 facts, puzzles, mental health activities, and more. It’s fun and educating!

COVID-19 Posters

5 Steps to Fight COVID-19

Time to Heal Song

El Sol is excited to share the newly released “Time to Heal” COVID-19 Song and Tool Kit. This project will guide community health workers and promotores to help promote healing in their communities during this pandemic.

COVID-19 Real Stories

El Sol has compiled stories of real victims of COVID-19, and although each story is different, the sense of hope and optimism is the same.

We are excited to share with you the following media for El Sol’s official COVID-19 song.

Media Tool Kit

Education is done in many forms and this media toolkit can be used by CHWs/Promotores as part of their own education strategies within the community. Below you may find the lyrics in Spanish and English, as well as graphics, segmented videos, and radio spots of each topic.


If your interested in downloading the individual radio spots or to get more COVID-19 resources via whatsapp, contact us at

Get Tested

"Hazte la Prueba"

Wear a Mask

“Usar Cubre Bocas”

Wash your Hands

"Lavate las Manos"


"Ya hay Vacuna"

Contact Tracing

"Si te llama el Estado"

Together we Can

"Juntos sí se puede"

Covid-19 Response

Since the start of the pandemic, we have strongly advocated the importance of being prepared by providing awareness and support to ensure that those who have been heavily impacted by COVID-19 can find relief and recover. The following are ways we are working to slow the spread:

Learn more about COVID-19

El Sol COVID-19 Response to Stop the Spread.

Click on your local county for safety tips to slow the spread and information for testing and resources.