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Supporting Parents and Incentivizing Students to Attend Class

Supporting Parents and Incentivizing Students to Attend Class Education positively shapes wellbeing—it is fundamental to economic mobility and reducing socioeconomic and political inequalities. As America recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and the longstanding damage caused by structural racism—quality education and

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Impact of Job Training for Low-Income Earners

Impact of Job Training for Low-Income Earners Investing in and designing training programs that engage lower-income or lower-status communities can be beneficial for both employees, business owners, and communities alike. Training and employee development can be initiated for a variety

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Why is workforce development important?

Why is workforce development important? The Inland Empire Workforce Development (IEWD) Boards have created a 3-year plan to develop equitable, regional, sector-based career pathways in target sectors, to ensure access and inclusion for all the region’s residents, businesses and organizations. 

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Importance of Community Financial Literacy

To learn what worked and identify what still needs to be done in response to COVID-19: https://v.ftcdn.net/05/12/49/14/700_F_512491426_nBimYrgNPf8wkRtiGY2Z8ZDbVaVw2ok1_ST.mp4Sixty percent of U.S. adults say that the pandemic has been “highly disruptive” to their finances. Beyond the impact of the pandemic, American consumers

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Community Health Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has made mental health a critical focus for all Americans. A World Health Organization study found that the prevalence of mental illness increased by 25% during the first year of the pandemic.

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The Decision to Wear a Cape

Community health workers(CHWs)/Promotores de salud(Ps) have proven to be the key in the fight against COVID-19 in underserved communities of color. To get a better understanding of the role CHWs/Ps have played during the pandemic, I interviewed Kenneth Artry, a CHW/P

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A Faceless Number

As of writing this blog there have been over 584,337 COVID-19 related deaths in the United States. This is a large number to say the least, yet it underscores the great impact COVID-19 has had on families and on the

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No Rest for the Essential Worker

Every month during the COVID-19 pandemic, the news would report the unemployment numbers of the past month. So much focus was put on those losing their jobs that the work and sacrifice of essential workers became a passing thought to

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