Policy Advocacy

El Sol CHWs/Promotores are trained on policy advocacy, community empowerment, environment assessment and comprehensive participatory-driven and action-oriented activities.

Countywide home visitations for policy advocacy

Countywide Policy Advocacy:

El Sol as an expert home visiting agency is the lead for the creation and implementation of Home Visitation System (HVS) framework specific to San Bernardino CountyEl Sol has ample experience designing, implementing, and leading home visitation programs.

This organization has engaged in the laborious accreditation process of multiple research and evidenced-based home visiting models and has been accredited by Healthy Families America (HFA), and approved by the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), and Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP).

Volumes of research illustrate the impact that different home visiting models have achieved in

  • improving family safety and parenting
  • decreasing criminal activity
  • increasing child and maternal health
  • improving mental health outcomes
  • improving child cognitive and social development
  • decreasing reliance on public assistance.
Woman being awarded a certificate for policy advocacy

Healthy Adelanto Public Policy Advocacy:

El Sol started working in the City of Adelanto since 2010 specially in north Adelanto with the most in need to advance policy advocacy and community engagement allowing us to stablish a pipeline for resident engagement throughout of El Sol CHWs/Promotores. As a result of his work, the community advocate for an active transportation plan which represents a new commitment to walking and biking in out community.

In Addition, El Sol is serving as the Co-Lead Organization for the Healthy Adelanto, which was established to intentionally focus on issues of equity, social determinants of health, and to revitalize the community by strengthening community resilience.

Key priorities include

  • Health Care Access;
  • Food Security and Food Systems;
  • Housing and Neighborhood Improvement;
  • Education Work Force Development; and
  • Environmental / Policy Change, to promote Physical Activity.
A group supporting the Ontario heal zone

Ontario - Heal Zone Work for Policy and Advocacy:

Between 2015 – 2020, El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center partnered with the City of Ontario and The Social Impact Artists to conduct obesity prevention and environmental improvements by engaging more than 2,000 community members in designing their own health improvement strategies for their neighborhoods, including “Park It” campaigns, neighborhood safety, walkability, the Community Health Improvement Association, and active transportation improvements. El Sol worked with its partners to help create a new standard of resident engagement that not only provides a scalable model that influences positive policy-making, but that creates a new “norm” of focusing on  “collaboration” and “empowerment” of residents as opposed to the standard “informing” and “consulting.”

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