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For over 30 years, Community Health Workers/Promotores are at the center of everything we do. Get involved with the El Sol Training Center Today!

El Sol Training Center

Each year, we serve over 90,000 community residents through various programs led by CHWs and promotores. Serving the Inland Empire during these years has been our priority, achieving positive and measurable change.

We offer foundations and other organizations technical assistance on the development and implementation of CHWs and promotores training and interventions, including identifying and targeting community health priorities. As a frontrunner in CHWs and promotores training and practice in the Inland Empire, El Sol developed the Community Health Worker Academy which has evolved into the CHW Training Center.

Our CHW Training Center Vision

Our vision is to facilitate community health worker and promotor capacity to serve as catalysts for change through a holistic and transformative learning approach.

Our CHW Training Center Mission

Our mission is to enable transformation through relevant blended opportunities that ensure continuous growth in CHW and promotores identity and proficiency as community agents of change.

El Sol Members participating at the training center in San Bernardino

Training Process

With vast experience in developing CHW and promotor training curricula for over 15 years, we embrace holistic growth through the CHW and Promotor Training Center. With many areas of expertise, we incorporate CHW and promotores in the development of training material, delivery, practice, and evaluation, to ensure relevance during the transformative learning process. Through exposure to direct CHW and promotores experiences, critical discussion, skill-building, and field-work, we ensure that every CHW and promotor has the opportunity to learn and apply popular education and non-traditional methods to analyze and create new solutions and ideas for action; successfully addressing health disparities in vulnerable communities.

Through a holistic training approach, we prioritize the growth of the CHW and promotor as an individual. We acknowledge an empowered CHW and promotor is an expert and leader in relationship building and compassionate community work.

We facilitate an atmosphere of trust to create a safe space to dialogue openly and be able to modify the training structure if need it, to transform CHWs and Promotores and facilitator which will result in the well-being of communities through training that embraces and promotes personal, practice, community, and political change.

El Sol staff teaching the spectrum of prevention training
Training and the Spectrum of Prevention

Integrating emotional stable and skilled CHW and promotores into homes, communities, and different systems is one of our priorities. By adapting the Spectrum of Prevention, we aim at transforming CHW and promotores to then apply preventive efforts addressing the determinants of community health at various levels beyond health education. We strive to address the current public health issues with relevance and aptitude.

Every CHW and promotor who goes through our trainings is not just knowledgeable and skilled in the many areas they practice in, but each one feels emotionally ready and competent enough before engaging in new activities or areas of practice. We continuously practice self-assessment, and strive to provide ongoing blended opportunities for each CHW and promotor to strengthen their capacity in the areas they feel less experienced in. We believe a one-size-fits-all training is impractical. Therefore, each CHW and promotor is able to individually identify training opportunities to grow in and further nurture, while reinforcing their expertise. Only then are CHWs and promotores ready to positively impact the community at large. Community-focused competencies and learning outcomes are at the forefront of all our training curricula.

Watch the video featuring testimonials from our Community Health Workers and Promotores de Salud and their experience with El Sol CHWs/Ps Training Center

El Sol’s CHW/P Training Center focuses on cultivating emotionally ready CHW/Ps so they can succeed beyond any training and have the capacity to listen, train, inform, provide, advocate, and ultimately impact their communities’ health.

El Sol CHW/P Career Pathway Initiative

We believe in the upward mobility and personal and professional advancement of CHWs/Ps. 

El Sol’s career pathway initiative promotes and upholds the identity, recognition, personal and professional growth of the CHW/P, regardless of educational degree and title/position.

El Sol CHW/P Training Center Report

This summary provides a high-level summary of the various learning methods El Sol used to train CHWs/Ps. El Sol will continue developing and implementing training and building capacity to strengthen CHWs/Ps to serve as catalysts for change through a holistic transformative learning approach.

Community Health Worker/Promotor Training Core Competencies

El Sol developed the CHW/P Training Center to enable transformation through relevant blended opportunities that ensure continuous growth in CHW/Ps’ identity and proficiency as community agents of change.

Evaluating CHWs/Ps Training in: Preventing Obesity Among Latino Preschoolers

Learn to what extent did the CHWs/Ps improve in their knowledge and self-efficacy to facilitate community discussions and promote healthy toddler food and physical environments in Latino Communities.

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