Featured News Videos

See the latest featured videos where El Sol Neighborhood Educational with Listos California team up with the news media to create awareness and inform the hispanic community on disaster preparedness.

Listos California Preparedness Tips

El Sol has teamed up with Listos California The Listos California Campaign is about sharing the  knowledge and tools needed to prepare when disaster strikes. Check out the latest tips on how to prepare yourself during an emergency. https://youtu.be/5Rz-iou6jSY 5 Easy Tips to Emergency Preparedness Here are some tips and tricks on how to prepare for […]

Outreach and Connections

Outreach and Connections El Sol is often called to engage “hard to reach” populations, either because of low-income status, language barriers, or other characteristics.  Emergency Preparedness: 138,380 residents have received emergency preparedness information in partnership with 6 Community Base Organizations 13,800 people educated on preparedness 201 participants have completed the Train the Trainers modules Disaster […]

Emotional Health

Emotional Health Mental health affects function of individuals and ability to lead healthy lives. Consequently, El Sol seeks to address factors that influence mental, emotional, and behavioral health. Maternal and Infant Mental health program: Depression symptoms decreased significantly for 132 women A CES-D score of 16 and above indicates clinically meaningful depression symptoms experienced by […]

Advancing to Prosperity

Advancing to Prosperity El Sol recognizes that economic conditions are often the precursor or predictor of healthy individuals, families, and communities. Financial Literacy: 877 people receive education at the Counsel of Mexico through weekly seminars, small group and individualized advice. 78% of the participants increased knowledge on the importance of financial education and economic empowerment. […]

Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families In this strategic direction, the family is the unit of analysis. El Sol aims to strengthen and support families to develop the necessary skills to improve social and health outcomes.  Maternal Infant and Early Childhood: 230 families enrolled in program 92 percent of mothers were breastfeeding at the hospital 75 percent were still […]

Health Promotion and Diseases Prevention

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention El Sol’s focus is on measurable changes in knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and skills. Each program addresses chronic disease prevention, management, and education (e.g. Asthma, Mental Health, Depression in Older Adults, Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes, Obesity, etc.). Reto Vida Plena To support you in your weight loss, Loma Linda University offers you this new […]