Emotional Health

Mental health affects function of individuals and ability to lead healthy lives. Consequently, El Sol seeks to address factors that influence mental, emotional, and behavioral health.

Maternal and Infant Mental health program:

  • Depression symptoms decreased significantly for 132 women
  • A CES-D score of 16 and above indicates clinically meaningful depression symptoms experienced by participants
  • Baseline CES-D average score of 21.80 was observed
  • Post- program average of 10.94 by the conclusion of the program

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault:

  • 67% of participants totally agreed that the presentations made them feel more comfortable in talking about domestic violence problems and solutions
  • 25% agreed that presentations made them more comfortable to discuss domestic violence problems
  • 65% totally agreed and 25 agreed that they would use mental health services if necessary

Youth Mental Health:

  • 5% felt they need to talk with someone about mental health issues: all the time, most of the time, and more than half of the time, combined
  • 1% of participants reported feeling either very comfortable (41.2%) or comfortable (29.9) seeking mental health care after the CHWs intervention

Advance Late-life Depression Care:

  • 150 older adults with depression living in poverty, average age 73 years old and 85% Latinos
  • 91% lowered PHQ-9 Score by half or more
  • 80% addressed average 5 social needs areas