El Sol and Listos California featured in the News Media

The Listos California Campaign is about sharing the  knowledge and tools needed to prepare when disaster strikes. Check out the latest videos where El Sol’s community work was featured.

El Sol partner with Listos California on Univision

Laura Cortés from El Sol is taking part of the initiative ‘Listos California’ in an effort to prepare the hispanic communities in California to be ready when disaster strikes.  This effort extends to the Covid-19 pandemic and all the ways the are reaching and informing the public on what resources and measures to take during these times. 

El Sol with Listos California on Spectrum News 1

El Sol partnered with Listos California were featured in Spectrum News 1, in San Bernardino to highlight the work El Sol’s staff and volunteers have made to prepare vulnerable Californians, especially in the hispanic community before disaster strikes.

El Sol partner with Listos California speaks to InformaGente about Covid-19

Rosaicela Estrada, a community health worker for El Sol speaks to celebrity, Jorge Hernandez from Los Tigres del Norte on InformaGente.  These videos are about creating awareness and informing the hispanic community on the resources that exist to find medical assistance during Covid-19.