Getting support from the people in your community is one of the major things that improve the social bond amongst people living in a given community. This support can be physical, financial, and even phycological. One of the key areas that are being embraced by several communities across the globe is mental health support by Community Health Workers/Promotores de Salud. The main goal of community mental health support is to ensure everyone within a given society gets mental health support whenever they need it, especially by their peers.
In times like these when the world is facing a global pandemic, community mental health support is crucial than ever before. 

This question is what I am going to answer in this article. I will discuss the positive impacts of community mental health support to the general world being of people in the various communities across the globe. Let’s dive in.

Dealing with Financial Stress

It has helped people deal with financial stress.

During this pandemic, over four million people around the world have lost their jobs, and it will likely take quite some time for most of these people to get new jobs or start-up reliable businesses to help them survive. Not having a source of income is one of the things that can lead to a lot of stress, more so if you are not sure of when you will be able to start earning again.

People that fall under this bracket need community mental health support now more than before. Several communities across the globe have taken this matter seriously and are trying to help these people in the best way possible. Having community health workers/promotores de Salud to back you up emotionally and sometimes connecting with the resources available  has helped many people deal even with financial stress during these times.


Two people with a strong community bond

It has created a stronger bond amongst people in the same communities.

The sense of belonging in communities that mind about the mental health of their members is always more than those where everyone is on their own. Now that people’s mental health is important than ever before, several community mental health support programs using Community Health Workers/Promotores de Salud have been introduced, which has further led to a closer bond amongst people within the same community.


More jobs for mental health workers

2020 has been one of the busiest years for medical workers in the last few decades. Most of these medical workers had to work more than their usual working hours to meet the overwhelming demand for their services. The unsung heroes that have got less attention are the mental health workers who are having the duty to help people deal with the covid19 side effects that affect our mental health.

The services of mental health workers have also been very relevant in the last couple of months. This demand has created job opportunities for people who have training in this field. 

There are also several people out there that have the conviction of serving their communities by helping people deal with mental health and illnesses. These people now have the opportunity to fulfill their purpose by working with their community as community mental health workers Promotores de Salud mental 


Access to more mental health services

More people now have access to mental health services.

Just like physical health services, mental health services are also necessary for our communities. However, several of the mental health facilities in our communities are owned by private investors, which makes them a little expensive for the common person. Having community mental health facilities is something that has helped lots of people get mental health services at affordable rates and sometimes free.

The reason behind this is the fact that most of the community mental health support facilities are non-profit. Their costs of operation are taken care of by the community. Having affordable mental health services is something that every community needs to ensure the largest part, and possibly all its members get assistance when they have any form of mental disorder or illness.


Final thoughts

Community mental health support has been key to helping people deal with stress and anxiety, especially now that so many people across the globe have to deal with financial problems, loss of their dear ones, and loneliness due to limited social gatherings. The help from the few people that have stepped up to donate to these community mental health support programs is something that needs to be appreciated by everyone part of the human race.

Any community based mental health support program cannot have any impact without the support of the people within that community. If you are out there and you can offer something to a community mental health program, your support will be very crucial now that affordable mental health services are in demand than ever before. 

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