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El Sol Community Health Workers/Promotores COVID-19 Vaccine Pop-up Clinic

El Sol continues to advocate the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine by bringing healthcare assistance to isolated minority and low-income communities. Recently, El Sol had the opportunity to help open a pop-up vaccination clinic in the city of Adelanto, where over 250 qualified residents received their first COVID-19 vaccine.

The CHWs/Promotores organized and promoted this pop-up clinic by contacting community members through phone calls, door-to-door outreach, and enrollments to ensure that people who qualify get the opportunity to get vaccinated.

El Sol Community Health Workers/Promotores are Key to Fighting COVID-19

The fight has been long, and there are still ways to go, but El Sol’s CHW’s Promotores are still on the front lines fighting for their communities. The CHW’s will continue to make sure their communities are taken care of through education. The CHW’s/Promotoras are educating using methods that reach the perspective of those hit hardest by the pandemic.

El Sol Community Health Workers/Promotores are Educating the Hard to Reach Communities

El Sol is now more than ever committed to ensure that the information and education distributed is linguistically appropriate for each individual. The Coachella Valley serves as the home for many of the Purepècha (dialect) Indigenous community and one of El Sol’s CHW’s/Promotoras who speaks the language has been educating and empowering the Purepècha on the importance of COVID-19 prevention, testing and vaccination.

COVID-19 Q&A with Dr. Bastain

With COVID-19, we are hearing many rumors and myths on how to prevent getting sick and the ways to cure it. El Sol has taken action by having a conversation with Dr. Bastian from Loma Linda on  what measures should people take when dealing with COVID-19.   
Listen to the conversation with Alicia and Dr. Bastian.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 909.884.3735.