Strategic Direction 2:
Strengthening Families

In this strategic direction, the family is the unit of analysis. El Sol aims to strengthen and support families to develop the necessary skills to improve social and health outcomes.

Maternal Infant and Early Childhood:
  • 230 families enrolled in program
  • 92 percent of mothers were breastfeeding at the hospital
  • 75 percent were still breastfeeding 2 weeks postpartum
  • 53 percent were breastfeeding at 6 weeks postpartum
Early Childhood Education and School Readiness
  • 93% of Participants reported change in attitudes towards early childhood education, pregnancy, mother child bonding-attachments, and parenting
  • Child Behavior Traits improved from 63% to 81% (CBT predicts school performance)
Nurturing Parenting and Home Visitation:
  • 98% of participants increased scores from high risk to low risk in the Adult Adolescent Parenting Inventory
  • 78% of participants moved from 27% to 92% in parental empathy towards Children’s needs
  • 91% of participants reported 28% of increased in social interactions and home environment knowledge

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