Examples of Community Health Promotion Programs

CHWs are frontline public health workers who have a deep understanding and/or are trusted members of the communities they serve. CHWs create a link between health/social services and the community to improve service access and quality. Research suggests CHWs are likely to reduce health disparities due to their unique ability to serve as change agents […]

What is Community Resilience and Why It Matters

Community resilience refers to a community’s ability to withstand, recover or respond to an adverse situation using individual and community resources. There are many resilience frameworks and approaches for building community resilience. There is no one solution that fits every community, situation or context. El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center values working side-by-side with our community, […]

Healthy Equity: The Importance of Community Health Workers/Promotores

The term Community Health Worker, or promotor(a) in Spanish, refers to health workers that work closely with the communities in which they live. They work with the primary aim of addressing a myriad of social determinants of health (SDOH) that result in poor health outcomes. Inherent to the power of CHWs/Ps is that Community Health […]