We are celebrating 30 years of experience training CHW’s and deploying community driven programs. 

El Sol can provide consulting in the following areas:

Partnership and Collaboration

El Sol has developed partnerships through the region implementing programs using the CHWs/Promotores model in collaboration with other agencies. Organizations seeking explore partnerships and learn more about to Community Health workers and how to effectively incorporate CHWs into their delivery models. El Sol continues strengthening and expanding new collaboration to agencies using new models to leverage that base for even greater impact. 

Curriculum Development

El Sol has created curriculums for CHWs/Promotores for the Latino, African American, Asian American, and Native American communities. Topics such as Mental Health, Diabetes, Healthy Eating, CHWs/Promotores 101, Popular Education, informal learning, care coordination, conflict resolution, leadership, etc. In addition, El Sol had created educational materials and resource that are used to educate community residence. Resource include but not limited to content/topic specific flip charts, games, “plaza comunitaria”, community books, and theatrical shows.  

Training CHWs Promotores

El Sol has more than 15 year of experience implementing programs and training around 280 CHWS/Promotores in multiples topics and projects. Community organizations may request assistance to train personnel to serve as Community Health Workers, following a curriculum that has proved successful. Training is an essential component of health programs that incorporate CHWs in the delivery of health education and behavioral interventions. During training sessions, CHWs are exposed to information and skill-building activities they need to implement the health programs using Popular Education.

It's important to emphasize that it is not enough to simply label individuals as "Community Health Workers", rather it is imperative to recognize CHWs as experts. They are trained on how to effectively connect with the community served as well as knowledgeable in delivering the effective health messages.

Training for CHWs Managers and Supervisors

El Sol has developed a comprehensive training for manager that consists in 24 hours to further understand the CHW/Promotores model. Trainees are exposed to best practices in implementing CHW programs and also strengthen their supervisory skills necessary in supporting Community Health Workers who are deployed throughout the community.

Consulting and Technical Assistance

El Sol has provided consulting and technical assistance across the United States, Mexico and Japan.

Employment Solutions

El Sol is able to act as a trusted recruiting and staffing partner for CHWs/Promotores.  Because of the expertise in identifying and training of CHWs/Promotores, organizations may use El Sol in their efforts to hire personnel. Our services are designed to provide our partners with contract, Hire Placement and Payroll services for CHWs.

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